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Accordion Beatles
Accordion Beatles at Sir George Martin Interview
Sir George Martin holds court at Canadian Music Week 1998

Sir George Martin was interviewed by Ed Bicknell (former manager, Dire Straits). The interview was held March 6, 1998 in Toronto, and was the featured keynote for Canadian Music Week '98.
He talked about his early years at EMI/Capitol, the ancient recording equipment used before tape, the tank-like early tape machines, and how he worked his way up through the organization. Sir George told several humorous anecdotes about the Beatles and other celebrities that he has worked with, including a quite ribald story about Sting and Elton John at a benefit for Montserrat.
Short version: He and Sting are backstage. Sting strips down to the buff and starts doing yoga. In walks Elton John, who takes one look, rolls his eyes, and spins on his heel, walking back out.

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