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Toronto Star's Fast Forward "Websight" May 6, 1999
Home-town recognition is the sweetest! Click here to see a scanned copy of the article.
Here's what columnist Peter Krivel had to say:
Mama's got a squeezebox!
The Beatles and accordion music. What more could you want?
If you put yourself in that category, then visit the site for Toronto marketing man Domenic Amatucci.
He's been captivating audiences in TTC subway stations with his squeezebox renditions of such favourites as "In My Life", "Please Please Me", "All My Loving", "A Little Help From My Friends" and "I Saw Her Standing There".
And now he brings the best of his music to where you can download examples of his prowess.
He also provides an insight into what it's like to play beneath the streets of Toronto.
[here follows a quote from my Gigs Page, which you can read if you wish]
And he also doesn't confine his talents to Beatles music.
[yadda yadda}
And there is no doubt which is his favourtie song.
[blah blah}
And if this isn't enough for you, Domenic (the Accordion Beatles guy) gives you lots of links to other great accordion sites.
But as far as I could tell, no one offered a rendition of Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" on squeezebox.
[and hopefully, no one will]

Digiday Site of the Day
May 8, 1998
"Groupies have always been a wealth of information. When they aren't comparing notes on the stock market, they're busy debating President Clinton's foreign policy. But the thing that really gets them going is wondering what The Beatles would have sounded like with an accordion player. Well, groupies shall wonder no longer. Thanks to accordionist Domenic Annatucci [sic], they can find out what "Yesterday," "I Saw Her Standing There" and other Beatles classics sound like on that instrument. Beatles songs played on the accordion are what Signore Annatucci [sic] is all about, and this site is the place where groupies can read all about him. The groupies might lose all self control when they hear Annatucci's [sic] accordion, but then, self control was never something groupies were known for. So when you want to see a groupie go wild, just point her in the direction of Domenic's Accordion Beatles. But make sure she gives you some tips on the stock market first."
Review by Alex Hemdersom
Well, what can I say? The most verbose and oblique of all reviews so far!

Yahoo! UK & Ireland Monthly Picks
Monthly Picks March 1998
"The title says it all. The Beatles as you've never heard them before."
Short and sweet! Another quotable bit too...
 CBC Radio - Metro Morning Website
CBC Radio One's "Metro Morning" with host Andy Barrie
Friday, July 28, 2000 0845 - 0900 h EDT

I appeared for a second time on the MetroMorning show with host Andy Barrie, but this time the segment was taped. Back in May I went to T.O. and met up with Dave Segluns, MetroMorning producer, who recorded me in the Spadina subway station with a minidisc recorder. It was part of a series they were doing on Metro's subway buskers, something I had done for a couple of years in my spare time. Even though I was no longer a busker at the time, Andy has been so taken by my music that they had me back for this production. Since it aired several months later, I was unable to hear the segment, so I don't know which songs they aired. We recorded "Michelle", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Here There and Everywhere" and "When I'm Sixty-Four". I look forward to a return engagement to pitch my CD when it comes out!
CBC Radio One's "Metro Morning" with host Andy Barrie
Thursday, May 13, 1999 0845 - 0900 h EDT

I first appeared on the MetroMorning show with host Andy Barrie, talking and playing three songs (In My Life, Wee Wool Cat, Here There and Everywhere). This segment went live to air, and believe me, it was nerve-wracking! The CBC is Canada's oldest cultural institution and has been broadcasting radio and television in Canada since the technologies emerged. It was a great honour and privilege for me!

Yahoo! Canada Picks of the Week
Yahoo! Canada Picks of the Week, May 10/99
But if you're in the same position that we are, Nova Scotia might be a little farther than your wallet will allow you to go. Horsefeathers, we say! Why, with a little talent and ingenuity, you can go just about anywhere. Ask Domenic Amatucci, who went into the subways of Toronto to make his fortune doing -- what else? -- Beatles tunes on his accordion. Alas, there was once a time when only Toronto commuters could enjoy his unique renditions of "All My Loving" and "I Saw Her Standing There." Not anymore, though, thanks to Domenic's Accordian Beatles Page. You haven't heard the Beatles on an accordian until you've heard it here.
[I like that last bit...]

@Home Member's Site of the Week
July 2, 1998
"This week we chose Domenic's Accordion Beatles Page as the Cool Member's Site of the Week. This site is about - you guessed it - a guy who has renditions of the Fab Four's greatest hits played on an accordion. The site has sound files of such hits as Yesterday and I Saw Her Standing There. This site is truly too hip for words."
They sent me a groovy cap for free, which is the best award I've gotten so far.

This in from Yahoo! Magazine...

Thanks to Philip Dobson for sending it in!
If you see Accordion Beatles mentioned in the media, please send a scan or URL,
and you will be credited, too!

Turnabout Is Fair Play: Accordion Beatles reviews the reviews
 Yahoo!'s Picks
Picks of the Week  Yahoo! Internet Life
 RSACi G Rating  CoolSite.ofthe.Minute  Ult1mate Band List

Yahoo! Picks of the Week Feb.09.98 webpage says:
Ahh, so much to wonder at here. Like will Canada cover the 4-broom spread in its curling match against Saudi Arabia? And why does every country have its own national anthem? Some of these proud songs are presented in the booming, grandiose style of a full orchestra, and others are presented, strangely enough, via accordion. England particularly seems to thrive on the melodious little instrument, perhaps due to the influence of Domenic's Accordion Beatles Page, a site that contains such Fab Four hits as Yesterday, A Little Help from My Friends, and Here, There, and Everywhere, all played on that most sublime of instruments. And Domenic, in his great wisdom, has also included the most famous of all Beatles songs, Like a Rhinestone Cowboy. Hail, Domenic.
Then they add this coup de grace at the bottom:
Yesterday, I Saw Her Standing There, and Like a Rhinestone Cowboy. Huh?
They're so wickedly funny, eh?

Yahoo! Picks of the Week Mailing List for 02.09.98 says:
Domenic's Accordion Beatles Page - Domenic has put together a page of Beatles' songs. Played on the accordion. Dig such Fab Four hits as "Yesterday," "If I Fell," and "When I'm Sixty-Four," all played in glorious sea-shanty style.
Hmm... tango, maybe, waltz perhaps, zydeco yes, but Sea Shanty???

Cool Site of the Minute doesn't do reviews. What they do is comb the web and look for "informative, useful, and visually appealing" web pages. Then they give you a free screensaver that puts a different Cool Site o' the Minute on your monitor every minute.
Yahoo! Internet Life for Feb.10-17.98 says:
IT'S HOT, IT'S cool, it's all things to all people. No, really, it is. Domenic's Accordion Beatles Page (courtesy of Yahoo! Picks of the Week) It's not that we're powerful fans of the squeeze box here at Happiness Central, or that we haven't come to terms with the Fab Four's breakup and subsequent aging. We like this page just for being its noncommercial, non-glitzy self. Proprietor Domenic builds Web pages for a living and plays accordion in the subways of Toronto for the joy of it. These pleasant (and yes, well-played) clips are fun -- and a better Net-access bet than anything happening in Nagano.
Wow, a kinder, gentler Yahoo! (see column at left). Actually, I do play for 'donations', and the joy, but on days when the donations are scarce, it's purely for joy. And practice. And the reverb, yes... the reverb.

Robert Fontenot, New Orleans entertainment critic and Beatles Guide at
the Mining Co., says:
No joke: real accordion clips in .au format. Oh, but for cute! That's right, squeezebox Beatles covers from a master of the instrument.
Thanks Robert. This guy's a wealth of Beatles info, and the site is amazing!

We rated with
RSACi . Their site notes that:
The Recreational Software Advisory Council is an independent, non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C, that empowers the public, especially parents, to make informed decisions about electronic media by means of an open, objective, content advisory system.
This site is suitable for all ages.
Tom Fasulo, editor of IH8PCs Newsletter, ex-Marine and Civil War re-enactor, says:
When the Beetle's[sic] (the people, not the insects) first appeared I was not impressed. I was then, and am now, a lover of classical music. Over time I acquired an admiration for many of their songs, but not the way they lived parts of their lives. However, while I personally like accordion music, some The-Beetles[sic]-Can-Do-No-Wrong fans might have a difficult time appreciating the Accordion Beatles WWW site - where Beatles' songs are played on the accordion.
Tom's also an entomologist, which might explain why he keeps spelling it "Beetles".

Celebrating 10 years on the web!

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