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Accordion BeatlesFrequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don't I hear anything?
A: Turn up your speakers. Make sure they're plugged in and powered up. Check that you have an audio card to plug the speakers in to.

Q: I'm STILL not hearing anything!!
A: Your browser needs to be told how to handle AU and RA files. Under Edit->Preferences->Navigator->Applications, you need to set the application that will handle these file types. For AU files, Netscape will handle them, or if you have QuickTime, you can set your browser to allow QT to handle the file. In most cases, streaming audio is NOT POSSIBLE, but if you get streaming, congratulations! In either case, a new window opens with play controls for the clip. Have fun! Open multiple files and play them all at once!
For RA files, you will need RealPlayer.

Q: Why have you done this?
A; I love the Beatles. I love the Accordion. I love music.

Q: Is it hard?
A: Yes. I had to transpose songs, listen to songs over and over, consult (often-incorrect) music books, and rehearse for hours on end, to achieve the results you are hearing. I also had to learn how to build websites and do graphic design, which is an ongoing process. But I think it's been worthwhile, and I hope you'll agree!

Q: Where can I buy or repair an accordion?
A: In the U.S. I recommend The House of Musical Traditions. In Canada, check out Musical Instruments of Canada, also known as Accordions Canada, in Toronto. Check your Yellow Pages under "Music" and call around. Check the classified ads. Go to yard sales. Ask people at work. Talk to your friends. But DON'T let them try to dissuade you!

Q: Where can I get sheet music?
A: Once again, in the U.S., check out HMTrad. In Canada, I like Dave Snider Music in Toronto.

Q: How much is my accordion worth?
A: Whatever you can get! Try HMTrad, they might be able to help if you can supply them with images of your accordion.
In your local area, try calling music stores that sell accordions.

Q: Do you get fan mail?
A: I have received fan mail from every corner of the earth, some 68 countries or so. The people who take the time to send email are mostly happy about what I've done. They are either accordion fans or Beatles fans, and often, fans of both the accordion and The Beatles. Surprising?
I've heard from a lot of accordionists and former accordionists, many of whom played a few Beatles songs themselves. I've had a lot of inquiries regarding when I would have a CD out, and now I'm happy to say, I have one for sale.
One of the most memorable fan mails I ever had... from a lady who was in hospital for heart surgery, and her sister in law had brought a laptop to the hospital and showed her my site. She was happy about being up and being able to see it. That one kind of stands out...
Surprisingly, I've had email from young hipsters who actually think the accordion is 'whack', 'dope', 'phat', and 'kickin'! Can you believe it?
I thank everyone who has taken time to send me a personal message, and I endeavour to respond to each and every one!
Send me your thoughts!

Q: Do you get hate mail?
A: Sadly, yes. I've gotten only a few negative responses from accordion traditionalists and Beatles dislikers alike, as well as accordion haters, and Beatles lovers who think I'm insulting the Beatles. My message to these folks: GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR!

Q: Has any of the Beatles ever seen your site or contacted you?
A: I can neither confirm nor deny this sort of idle speculation.

Q: What do you hope to get out of this?
A: Widespread notoriety and the sort of immortality that only show biz can offer. A couple of bucks would be alright too.

Do you have a question that's not answered here?
Send it to me!

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