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Latest Audio Clips
First time in history! Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" on solo accordion
First time in history! "A Day In The Life" on solo accordion
George Harrison's "Here Comes The Sun"
(AU format - 631kb - 1:21)
Paul McCartney's "My Love" (AU format - 579kb - 1:09)

AU format clips
Title Length .au File Title Length .au File
In My Life 0:47 368k No Reply 1:03 493k
Please Please Me 1:06 516k All My Loving 1:30 705k
The Night Before 1:13 576k We Can Work It Out 0:55 430k
Yesterday 0:58 462k Here, There and Everywhere 0:52 413k
When I'm Sixty-Four 0:52 413k I Saw Her Standing There 1:02 495k
And I Love Her 1:01 486k A Little Help From My Friends 0:55 442k
If I Fell 1:01 476k From Me To You 1:02 485k
I Will 1:26 693k Grow Old With Me 1:00 485k
Sambucaª 0:17 140k Wee Wool Catª 0:38 303k

RealAudio clips
Requires RealPlayer
Title Length .ra File Title Length .ra File
I Will 1:26 180k When I'm Sixty-Four 0:52 109k
I Saw Her Standing There 1:02 130k Yesterday 0:58 121k
Grow Old With Me 1:00 125k Wee Wool Catª 0:38 79k

Hear an interview from the 1996 TTC Musicians Audition at the CNE.
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